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About Us

Founded in 2022 by Charles Jefferson and Michael Norris, EliteFox is an asset management firm striving to provide innovative investment opportunities to all market participants. They designed and coded the patented Quantum Asset Pooling System (QAPS), and this was the game-changer for the investment realm. Market participants can now engage in arbitrage opportunities without having large amounts of investments and knowing where to look.

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EliteFox Quantum Asset Pooling System

During its first launch in 2022, the EliteFox Quantum Asset Pooling System (QAPS) has since gained popularity among investors who would not settle for less than a creative yet unwavering investment option.

By virtue of the modernistic concept inspired by the sharing economy, EliteFox delightfully invites investors from all walks of life to join hands in the mission to increase liquidity capacity to be competent and engage more brokers clientele for continuous growth of the corporation.

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EliteFox is a one-of-a-kind asset management firm and operates around 3 key core values:


EliteFox believes that in the current era, innovation is the key to becoming the best and will stop at nothing to provide cutting-edge investment solutions


EliteFox believes that security is of utmost importance and works closely with the financial authorities to ensure that operations are in-line with the industry’s best practices


EliteFox believes that customer satisfaction is key in the industry and strives to provide the best pricing, reliable executions, and prompt customer support

EliteFox Quantum Asset Pooling System

Liquidity involves the trade-off between the price at which an asset can be sold, and how quickly it can be sold.





Lower Spreads

Liquidity Providers In the World

Our Team of Professionals

Charles Jefferson

Chief Executive Officer

Charles has over 35 years of experience in the finance industry.

Michael Norris

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael, the co-founder of EliteFox, has a background in marketing and held director roles for different companies.

Raymond Russell

Chief Technology Officer

Raymond is an elite in the technology industry and with over 15 years of extensive coding experience in the financial sector.

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Since Its Establishment, EliteFox Has Gained Popularity In:

18 Countries, Including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Philippines, and More.

Payment Methods:

Funding is processed through secured payment channels encrypted using AES-256 standards to ensure your fund’s security and identity. We have invested heavily into the security of our payment channels to provide peace of mind for our partners.